Entrepreneur with extensive background in both corporate and operating environments at Brazilian information technology sector, whose companies were built to develop and provide customized software products and services in B2B cloud model or SaaS, also having held positions such as systems architect of innovative projects mostly based on regulatory frameworks as well as a full-stack developer.

With global business and technical perspectives has extensive experience regarding decision making with vision management, strategic and leadership, aligning activities with company goals in competitive environments, being resilient for customers and accustomed to manage teams and customers from different industries sectors.

Extensive project management responsibilities at leading educational institution in Brazil as well as in various business sectors, emphasizing the pharmaceutical industry and health care services. Advisor for changing legacy systems according to new ledger framework.







02/2013 – 12/2015 – CONCRETO PROJETADO BRASIL Ltda – Civil Construction Sector
Project Manager

Planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the software deployment process, an integrated enterprise management system (ERP) called Adempiere1.

Accomplishment statements: Increase of the company productivity by automating processes, highlighting strategic revenue growth and saving raw material consumption.

1Adempiere is an open source ERP, CRM and SCM solution for business, completed developed in J2EE.


03/2008 – Present – Precisionweb Informática Ltda (brand Fermo in Brazil). Information Technology Sector
Technical and Commercial Director

  1. (Most recent activities) Changing patterns and specs of some FERMO´s legacy systems, adjusting them to accept cryptographic hash in order to implement a private ledger. This approach is based on new blockchain´s technological concepts.
  1. Identification and development of market opportunities for the company management system designed for home care companies called ‘Humana’.
  1. Development of the company´s new business model through the redesign of the area responsible for the pharmaceutical industry, highlighting the management system for clinical trials in alliance with Dendrix, a brazilian CRO2 company.
  1. Definition of strategies, market opening and expanding the portfolio of products and services offered through technical and commercial alliances with other software providers. Market launch of new products and upgrades developed by the company (see www.fermo.com.br – portuguese language site).
  1. Structuring and addressing the commercial team. In this context, deployment of a salesforce CRM solution.

Accomplishment statements: Increased 50% of the portfolio of new customers and a 20% software licenses sold. Creation of a new set of products, whose functional characteristics set it apart from those commercially available.

2CRO – Contract Research Organization.


01/2007 – 02/2008 – Partnership with Baratz Servicios de Teledocumentación, S.A. (Spain). Information Technology Sector

Coordination of all operations and actions with a view to the entrance of the Spanish company in Brazil, generating extensive reports and key performance indicators (KPI).

Negotiations with different market segments, acting in management, business and technical levels. 2.1. Lead Generation attract customers looking for products and services, always acting in a critical stage, where the local market knows the company and its respective foreign brand. 2.2. Presentation of technical and commercial proposals.

Development and adaptation of technical and commercial support documents.

Accomplishment statements: a. Participation and success in bidding promoted by the Central Government of Brazil, thus achieving the opening of a first strategic account for Baratz. b. Conducting extensive market research about the conditions of entry of the Spanish company in Brazil.

01/2005 – 11/2006 – Fermo Informática Ltda. Information Technology Sector
Entrepreneur / Founder (In partnership with entrepreneurs from the Brazilian pharmaceutical industry).

Identification and mapping of specific demands on information technology for the Brazilian local pharmaceutical market, encouraging the creation of a family of new technology products considering to that a strategic and managerial vision of the venture partners at Fermo, those well positioned as major players in the Brazilian pharmaceutical industry in Brazil. In this context, it was generated a significant competitive advantage for the enterprise, once there were still very few consultancies in the market with that profile. As a result of that approach, Fermo managed the development of products to meet different segments of the local market, among which can be highlighted the following: systemic management of project portfolios, regulatory affairs system (according to the National Health Surveillance Agency), product stability studies and production quality. A support platform for training and gamification (Distance Education).

Accomplishment statements: Patent Record – Regulatory Affairs System Brazil3 b. The main customers this period were: Incrementha P, D & I (Coinfar – Consortium of Pharmaceutical Industries), Laboratory Aché Laboratory Biosintética, Eurofarma Laboratories, Laboratory Agener Saúde Animal, Dalmatia cosmeceuticals, Laboratory Nycomed (former Altana), Ganep Lar (Home Care) and Ganep Educação. He also created a management system specific content for Nutritotal Portal – largest and most important thematic portal in Latin America Clinical Nutrition carefully to 70,000 users.

3INPI – Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial – Process 07410-5 – Start of process: 2006 – Issued on December 27, 2011 (http://www.inpi.gov.br). Regulatory Affairs System.


06/1999 – 12/2004 – Precisionweb Informática Ltda. Sector: Information Technology Sector
Systems Analyst – Coordinator

Co-author4 project sponsored by the Foundation for Research Support of the State of São Paulo (Fapesp) entitled «Graphical Interface for Biomedical Signal Analysis». This project was a new and innovative software that can be used in different segments such as medicine, systems market analysis and statistics, as well as in the financial market.

Accomplishment statements: Diseño del sistema de gestión de portafolio de proyectos Colabora. Principales clientes Portal de los Ingenieros de São Paulo, con atención a 30.000 usuarios, Museu de Zoología de la Universidade de São Paulo, Biolab Sanus Farmacéutica, União Química Farmacéutica y Grupo de Media Casablanca.

4Line support innovation (http://www.fapesp.br/materia/58/pipe/pipe.htm) with an initial contribution to research and development, whose title was «Interface gráfica para análise de sinais biomédicos” (Graphical Interface for Biomedical Signal Analysis) (http://www.bv.fapesp.br/pt/auxilios/707/interface-grafica-para-sistema-de-analise-e-modelagem-de-sinais-biomedicos/).


02/1994 – 02/1999 – UNESP– Universidade Estadual Paulista – Sao Paulo State Government – After passing public examinations.
Systems Analyst – Coordinator – Grupo de Servicios Internet.

Project Manager at “UNESP 1995-1998 university informatization plan”, in partnership with IBM Brazil, a project whose total investment in various sectors was US$ 35 million. Also served as manager at Rectorate Information Group Systems. Technical consultant to the university Campus (23 campus distributed in various cities at the State of São Paulo, Brazil) completes the profile at this company

Accomplishment statements: Conception, design and implementation of Project WWW – Information Services at Rectory of UNESP.

02/1990 – 11/1993 – UNESP– Universidade Estadual Paulista – Institut for Theoretical Physics – Brazil
MSc – Theoretical Physics – 3 years –
Unfinished – Computational Fluid Flow Analysis.

02/1985 – 11/1988Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo – Brazil
Theoretical Physics

Skills/Area: Scientific Internship at IPEN – Institute for Energy and Nuclear Research – Solid State Physics – Lasers.

Portuguese C2
Italian B2
Spanish C1
English C1

2010/PresentEUROPEUS (http://www.europeus.com.br)
Co Founder

Offices of agents located in Brazil and Spain specialized in issues of immigration and emigration. It is preferably oriented to the countries of the European community, mainly Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and Austria.